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Political Places of Boston:
From the Backrooms to the Golden Dome

A Unique Guide for a Historic City

Follow in the footsteps of political leaders such as Anne Hutchinson, James Michael Curley, Martin Luther King, Jr., the Kennedy's and Tip O'Neill...

Boston is both the largest city in New England and the state capital of Massachusetts. As this book shows, the city looms large in American history and politics. This incisive guide will show you unexpected yet important sites to understanding Boston -- and take you behind the scenes of its famous landmarks such as Faneuil Hall and the State House.

The book's wealth of anecdotes and illustrations bring the people and places of politics to life. It covers every Boston neighborhood while emphasizing the historic center. Wherever you are walking or riding, you will find sites of interest.

This guidebook includes:

Softcover. 128 pages including annotated bibliography and extensive index.
Publication date: July, 2004
The book is widely held by academic and public libraries. The book has been cited in the Mass Moments history project.
Political Places of Boston - front cover "A walk through four centuries of Boston politics ... concise histories ... striking art"
-- CommonWealth magazine, Winter 2005
"Your guide to breaking free of the Freedom Trail"
-- The Boston Globe, April 2005
Sample entry from the book
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To complement the book, you will want this t-shirt featuring a campaign card from James Micheal Curley in his one of his Last Hurrahs for Mayor.

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