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The Mohawk Trail

Our first series uses rare, historic images not found in the Historic Auto Trail Guide: The Mohawk Trail. The pictures are from the original Mohawk Trail soon after its construction in 1914.
ID # Front Caption Subject Size
MT 1 Life's a Picnic on the Mohawk Trail Whitcomb Summit Standard 4 by 6 in.
MT 2 We Made it to the Top of the Mohawk Trail View of 1913/14 Ford Model T, and Deerfield Valley from Florida Mountain Standard 4 by 6 in.
MT 3 And then you make a Hairpin Turn Panoramic view of the Hairpin Turn by T. C. Wohlbruck (left section) 4 by 8.5 in. panoramic card
MT 4  -- Panoramic view of the Hairpin Turn by T. C. Wohlbruck 4 by 17 inches wide

Individuals will want to order the set to complement the book. Of course, you will find them at shops, museums, and bookstores in the Trail region.
Retailers may order these in shrink-wrapped packages of 50 (MT-4 is also available individually).
Please email us for further information.

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